dataRabbit Consultants

I am Ashwaghosh Wankhade. Independent Consultant; Under the banner of dataRabbit Consultants; I am providing consulting/solutions in the field of data visualization, report automation.

Reports are crucial for monitoring the progress of a business. With the advancement in technology and IoT, data size is increasing enormously which gets updated on daily basis. Manual handling of this data is not only difficult; but also leads to erroneous results. Automation of these reports would lead to effective monitoring of various processes; thus improving overall operations management.

Data visualization plays a very important role in communicating reports effectively and clearly. It unearths the underlying patterns and trends. It helps in quick decision making and speedy operations monitoring and improvements.

There are numbers of data visualization tools currently available in the market, each having its pro’s and con’s, but most crucial among them is affordability. High-end tools available in the market are also known for their high-end cost.

For many, the budget is the biggest constraint for operations improvements. Data visualization/Reports is medium for monitoring and improving operations. The cost involved in improvements is itself enormous, but the cost of existing data visualization and reporting tools would put extra pressure on your improvement’s budget. I am offering open source solutions with same quality and customization as per need also with high-security standards.